Vocal problems can have many causes. The voice originates in the larynx, where the vocal folds are set in motion by outflowing breath. If the movements of the two vocal folds are not parallel or even, a normal vocal sound cannot be produced. This is also the case if the surface of the vocal fold is not smooth. A voice disorder (dysphonia) refers to a change in the vocal sound, which can be rough, hoarse, quiet or weak – and may vary greatly from person to person. This can be accompanied by a scratching and/or burning sensation, frequent throat clearing, even difficulty in breathing and swallowing.



What are the causes of a voice disorder?

A distinction is made between functional and organic voice disorders. A functional voice disorder, which occurs without laryngeal findings, is often a result of an incorrect vocal technique, which can be caused by conscious or unconscious habits. Voice therapy that trains articulation, breath control, muscle tone, etc., can be successful in cases of both hyperfunctional dysphonia (high body tension, pressed vocal sound) and hypofunctional dysphonia (low muscle tone, quiet voice).
Organic voice disorders, where pathological changes occur, include polyps, edema, cysts, nodules, tumors and also incomplete closure of the vocal folds. The latter is called "glottal closure insufficiency" and can be caused by vocal fold paralysis (recurrent paresis),” cordectomy”- the state of the throat after the removal of the vocal folds and “vocal fold atrophy” - tissue atrophy of the vocal fold, (e.g., in an aging voice). These organic disorders and can usually be easily treated by surgery.


Anti-aging for the aging voice

TheThe reduced volume of the vocal folds due to aging can be re-filled with various substances. The process of vocal fold augmentation is an established and minimally invasive method that restores the patient's natural voice within a short amount of time. The body's own fat has proven to be an extremely compatible natural material, avoid of synthetic substances - which both doctors and patients view particularly positively, as there is no rejection or nodule formation, nor can it cause an allergic reaction. The VoiceInject® system now enables particularly gentle harvesting, processing and reinjection of the autologous fat.

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